0000-Introduction to the Marketing E-Course
0001-E-Course Lesson One -What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition
0002-E-Course Lesson Two-How to Make More Profits
0003-E-Course Lesson Three -Building Your Customer Database
0004-E-Course Lesson Four-Constructing Joint Ventures and Building Marketing Alliances
0005-E-Course Lesson Five-Using Media Advertising Carefully
0006-E-Course Lesson Six-Community Relations and PR
0007-E-Course Lesson Seven-Direct Marketing
0008-E-Course Lesson Eight-Basic Internet Promotion
0009-E-Course Lesson Nine-Building Your Presence through Publication
0010-E-Course Lesson Ten-Establishing Your Expert Position through Education
0011-E-Course Lesson Eleven-Building a Bullet Proof Network
0012-E-Course Lesson Twelve-Internet Promotions-An Introduction
0013-E-Course Lesson Thirteen-Being Findable In the Search Engines
0014-E-Course Lesson Fourteen-How to Choose a Consultant
0015-E-Course Lesson Fifteen-Can You Profit From Blogging
0016-E-Course Lesson Sixteen-Search Engine Keywords
0017-E-Course Lesson Seventeen-Local Search Engine Directories
0018-E-Course Lesson Eighteen-Google Places-Online Local Business Directory
0019-E-Course Lesson Nineteen-Google Places-Online Customer Reviews
0020-E-Course Lesson Twenty-Managing Your Business Reputation
0021-E-Course Lesson Twenty One-Managing Your Personal Reputation
0022-E-Course Lesson Twenty Two-Introduction to Social Media
0023-E-Course Lesson Twenty Three-Introduction to Facebook
0024-E-Course Lesson Twenty Four-Introduction to Twitter
0025-E-Course Lesson Twenty Five-Introduction to LinkedIn
0026-E-Course Lesson Twenty Six-Introduction to Google+
0027-E-Course Lesson Twenty Seven-Introduction to Pinterest
0028-E-Course Lesson Twenty Eight-Managing Your Social Media
0029-E-Course Lesson Twenty Nine-Your Online Marketing Tracking Systems
0030-E-Course Lesson Thirty-Introduction to Mobile Marketing
0031-E-Course Lesson Thirty One-Mobile Marketing Statistics
0032-E-Course Lesson Thirty Two-Introduction to Video Marketing (Bonus Lesson)